Live Life From A Position of Strength

Think back to the last time you bought something only to find out shortly after that it went on sale, you found it cheaper somewhere else, or your friend got a better deal. Or maybe perhaps you bought a car but failed to get it checked out or perform the routine maintenance and then the transmission goes out leaving you with no choice but to pay a massive bill to fix it. In order to not get taken advantage of… Read moreLive Life From A Position of Strength

Do You Have Enough?

Never before in the history of the world have we lived in a time like now. We live in an era of astonishing abundance. Think about it for a moment. Artificial light, indoor plumbing, clean running water right from the faucet, refrigeration, A/C, efficient indoor heating, supermarkets, cars, buses, planes, the ability to go anywhere in the world in less than a day, the variety of food we have access to year round right in our hometowns, endless information right… Read moreDo You Have Enough?

How Come Saving Money Is So Difficult?

Every day we are bombarded with advertisements. We witness first hand the flashy new clothes or cars that our fellow man or woman has. As we walk through the grocery store, endless products jump out at us that we know we probably shouldn’t buy. Flipping on the TV we are soaking in hours of pitches by companies telling us what to buy and what is good for us. We go about life and in pops in something new that picks… Read moreHow Come Saving Money Is So Difficult?

What Are Your Choices Costing You?

Everything has a price. What we do, what we don’t do, what we buy, how we live, where we live. Even the miniscule has great impact on our lives now, and in the future. Every choice we make comes with a cost. But at what cost? Cost is here and now but also in the future. Most of the time we think of cost as a dollar figure. Cost also has deeper, less tangible connotation. We may pay a monetary… Read moreWhat Are Your Choices Costing You?