Do the Joneses Really Care?

Recently I read an article about different personal finance hacks that prove big results. One hack in particular jumped out at me. Most of us know that in order to be successful financially you have to live below your means in order to save money and therefor have money to invest and grow your wealth. To do this is not as easy as it sounds since most people are not very successful financially or very wealthy. Why?

In order to live below your means, you must accept that it requires you to suppress your ego to below your income. Everyday we see and are aware of what others are doing or what others have and think that we have to try and keep up or we’ll somehow be perceived as less or inadequate. Our instincts urge us to flash and flaunt our success, achievements, and money. In order to be successful financially, we have to develop the predisposition to not give a crap what other people think. We have to truly believe it and ingrain that into us.

But do other people even care about what we have or have achieved? Hardly. Think about it. Do you care how much money your neighbor has? Say he has $500,000 in the bank and told you. Good for him you think, and then go about your life. He has a brand new truck with a matching boat though! Do you really care in the end? Does it affect how you live your life if so and so has a new car or got an education from Harvard?

Most of the time people like to brag and gloat over what they have or what they achieved. What’s it to you though? The person probably is swimming in debt and has to be chained down to a 9-5 that they hate just so they can have their new toys. In order to justify it, they go and brag about them and try to make you look inadequate.

You best not fall for it though or you’ll end up just like them. In order to achieve great wealth and financial freedom, you must spend less than you earn and invest the rest from now until you die. It’s just that simple. To do that, you must learn that nobody really cares about what you have or have done.

So with that, stop caring what others think when they see you riding your bike to work. When they see you cooking all of your meals at home. Skipping the lunch outs and the bar night outs. Living in a modest place and forgoing the daily lattes. Maybe they will see your actions and ask why you are different. Then you can proudly proclaim that you live life on your terms and are not at all stressed about money because you’ve got it figured out!

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