Live Life From A Position of Strength

Think back to the last time you bought something only to find out shortly after that it went on sale, you found it cheaper somewhere else, or your friend got a better deal. Or maybe perhaps you bought a car but failed to get it checked out or perform the routine maintenance and then the transmission goes out leaving you with no choice but to pay a massive bill to fix it.

In order to not get taken advantage of and have the upper hand in any situation in life we must plan ahead. Planning ahead when we spend our money making a purchase as well as doing the little things now to prevent the big nasty things from happening.

The concept of preventative maintenance has an effect on many areas of our lives. Most of us know we should do it but sometimes it’s hard to follow through or we forget it. When bad things happen or we find ourselves in tight situations, most of the time we should not be surprised by them.

Fail to brush and floss regularly, a mouth full of cavities and the big bill to fill them ensues. Fail to change to oil in our cars on time and ignoring that curious noise results in one day being stranded on the side of the road and having to pay a giant bill to fix the car. Fail to regularly save money, get stuck having to take on crippling debt or live a life of destitution in retirement.

Coincidentally preventative maintenance is a lot like saving and investing money. If we fail to do so, we will end up in a world of hurt. We must learn to understand that regularly engaging in preventative maintenance with our health, our homes, our possessions, our relationships, and our money is vital to our long-term success and happiness in life.

Being able to live and not have to work requires planning and executing that plan consistently. If we are careful to construct a plan when we are young to be able to maintain a quality of life when we are older, it gives us the road map how to get there. The second part is following through.

Without knowledge we become vulnerable

Getting educated is crucial to living life from a position of strength. If we don’t take the time to get educated on certain things, whether it be buying a new car or retirement planning, we will more than likely be raked over the proverbial coals. We become an easy target and are exposed to vulnerability. When we plan ahead for things, we give ourselves the time to become educated. By learning what is beneficial for us pertaining to a certain situation in life or a product we have our eye on, we empower ourselves to make the right choices.

By learning what is healthy to eat and what our bodies need, we then know how to be healthy and can absolutely be healthy. By learning how to workout properly, we can have a finely tuned and great looking body. By learning that X product is better than Y and is selling for less on Z website, we can then make an informed decision and feel good about our purchase.

One of the best ways to help us to become empowered and educated is through research. By simply using the power of the Internet, we can start by researching to set us to operate from a position of strength. Nobody really has an excuse in today’s world to not be educated.

If we want to operate from a position of strength we must put in our due diligence. If we simply fail to engage in preventative maintenance and choose to not take the time to get educated before making decisions, especially big ones, we will be eaten alive in life. We will be in a position of weakness and not strength. People will take advantage of you if they sense weakness. Most people are only looking out for themselves especially companies. We will pay a much higher price if we can be taken advantage of. Businesses need to make money. People need to eat. They will do what they have to do to survive.

Finally, to live in a position of strength is to live smartly. It is to live with good habits. It is taking full ownership of the things we have and are responsible for and understand that ownership requires preventative maintenance. It is realizing that life is not fair and being prepared for the worst. What can happen will happen. It is planning for the future by taking steps now that we can control in order to increase our chances for the best outcome later on.

All of this can only be put to action though effort. Effort will ultimately determine the final outcome. Put in the effort to maintain what we have now. Do your due diligence. Get educated. Live life from a position of strength.

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