One Key to Unlock Explosive Growth

Imagine, you’ve been searching high and low for that secret sauce that can elevate you to the next level: yearning for that button to press to make your problems disappear, hitting the Powerball jackpot to make all your financial worries vanish up in smoke. Fortunately, there is such a secret sauce. The magic button does exist. The winning lottery numbers are there for the taking. All you have to do is act. In this article I will show you how to reach the Promised Land.

It may sound so simple, which it is, but it requires that you take action: cook up the sauce, press the button, write down the lottery numbers and play. All too often we are stuck in our routines, too lazy to do what we know is good for us, or distracted by any number of things life continues to throw at us. We pledge to do it “later” or “someday when we have more time.”

The stark reality is, is that half of Americans are either in or near poverty. Nearly 3 and 4 Americans live paycheck to paycheck and are unable to meet any major expense be it health related or home/auto repairs and the like without further going into debt. As such, nearly half of Americans have little or nothing saved for retirement and will retire on less than 3 months’ living expenses. Health wise, America as a country also has a reputation for being obese. Things like type 2 diabetes and heart disease are rapidly increasing.

Where do we want to be? Well it certainly isn’t where we are now. Most of us would be overcome with joy to have all of our needs met without worry. Have all of our debt be erased. Know that we will be perfectly ok and comfortable in retirement. Have a our bank accounts be stocked up for anything life throws at us. Also, to enjoy some of life’s pleasures when we please without having to go into debt.

So what is it that can change our lives? Change our financial situations? Change our bodies/health. Therein lies the answer. The one thing that we can do to provide a solution to our maladies is change itself.

It may sound so simple, but why do we have such a hard time embracing change? Why is change run so counter to our natural desires?

One thing that can drag us down and keep us there are the habits and routines that we build into our daily lives. Over time, we make choices here and there and it becomes comfortable and second nature to us. Maybe it starts with being tired after being a work all day. We come home and plop down on the couch and turn on the TV. “Ahhh relaxation.” Before you know it we sat there for 2 hours until dinnertime. A couple of days later, we do the same thing. Pretty soon it turns into a habit and now we have 2 less hours of the day to do something productive. When we are not aware of our habits, they are hard to change.

Building the wrong habits can have a serious impact on us

Being comfortable is another hurdle we must get over to engage in active change. We fear the unknown, being criticized, making mistakes.

The reality is, is that change is all around us. Everyone and everything must go through change. Change is in everything that’s good and worthwhile.

Change enables growth. Life is change, at least one that’s worth living.

 Consider the band The Beatles. In the decade that they were together, their music underwent drastic changes. They embraced change. Change allowed them to grow and their music to grow. With each new song they released, came a new sound. Their music was never boring. As such, they were revolutionary and their music stands the test of time.

The birth of a child and its progression into childhood is an excellent example of change and the goodness of it. Babies observe, learn, grow, and change. Learn, grow, change. As parents, we care for, nurture, and teach our children. We help them to embrace their changes and in the process we are kept on our toes. Change and growth are what makes raising a child and watching them grow and mature so great.

So what can we do to implement change in our lives? What can we do to change our situations that we are in?

There door is there. We just need to walk through them
  • First we must recognize the need for change. We must have a defined purpose and find our motivation and desire. We need to map out our purpose or desire with defined goals. Then we must be persistent and patient with ourselves and to never give up until we see through our goal.
  • We must become aware of our habits and our mindset. We have to take control of our lives and own our actions and lifestyle. If we want something different, change it.
  • Embrace stepping out of our comfort zones. Each time we step out of our comfort zone and engage in a new activity, we grow.
  • Challenge ourselves to think big and outside of the box. We need to become more optimistic and open-minded. Change requires learning and we can’t learn anything if we are closed minded.
  • Change requires us to take calculated risks. These risks will result in more opportunity, which can bring good fortune to us.
  • We must see that mistakes have great value and are not something to be avoided. Mistakes teach us what not to do. They are learning experiences. Learning leads to change which enables growth. If we don’t learn from our mistakes then we are bound to repeat them and mistakes repeated lead to (bad) habits, which is part of what got to where we are in the first place.
  • Finally, we need to embrace the process, stay determined and work hard to see our goals through.

Imagine a world without change. It would be dull and devoid of beauty. It would be boring and predictable. A world with change provides us with growth, beauty, and excitement all around us. By embracing change we can continue to grow and become a better version of ourselves. Inevitably life will bring a storm our way and we can either rise to the challenge, be resilient, and grow or be beaten down and worse off than we were. When we grow and evolve we are more capable of handling the next challenge.

Change is evolving. Change is growth. Change is adapting. Change is taking risks. Change is new. Change is healthy. Change is exciting. Change is an open mind. Change is necessary.

Let us all rise to the occasion and choose greatness. Let us be better humans, better us. Let us live a fuller life, one without financial stress. Press the button. Cook up the sauce. Play the game. We will only be on this earth a handful of more decades at most. What will you choose?

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